Who is looking for opportunities to succeed?


... and that is why I want to share the three principles changing my life, and the lives of millions of people around the world.

I've taken a look at my successes, my failures, your successes, your failures, and what I've come to realize is that there are three fundamental principles for success. These fundamental principles are:

1. Look

Look for opportunities

2. Learn

Learn the skills needed

3. Leap

Leap into action

Then, repeat steps 2 and 3... over and over again.


There are no shortcuts to these principles. Many of us have looked, and found opportunities to succeed, but sometimes we still fail. We fail because we are leaping into action before learning the skills needed to succeed, or,  we are learning the skills needed to succeed, but we are not leaping into action.
If you are struggling because you did not know about these principles, I’m glad you decided to join the millions of us who have changed our lives by applying these principles. If you are still struggling after seeing the power of these principles, then I have two VERY important questions for you:

  • Are you being a coward?
  • Are you messing around?

The key to success is to look for opportunities, learn the skills needed to succeed and leap into action. There are no shortcuts.

Are you being a coward?

Often times we are outliers. No one can see our dreams but us. We KNOW within our hearts that this is right. But others, who don’t believe us, talk us out of reaching our greatness. Someone else’s opinion about you is none of your business. Stick to what you know and believe in. Never give up on your dreams because it is difficult or because others have given up on them. Keep working towards them no matter what. Don’t give in to the non-believers. Don’t give in to the challenges.

Are you messing around?

You know you have greatness within you. You know that there is more to your being than what you are now. You know that the formula to success is to look, learn, leap, and keep learning and leaping. You have looked. You have learned. But ONLY sometimes do you leap. Listen! You have to keep working on your dreams. There is a price for success, and that price has to be paid daily. You can’t be making a better life while making excuses. You have to pick one. And if you pick making a better life, you have to work towards it. Remember, if you don’t work, your dreams won’t!

So, let today be the day that you live up to YOUR expectations of yourself. Dream the world you want for yourself and work towards it. Not everyone will get to the peak of their imagination, but anywhere along that path will be more satisfying than where you are today. And if you never make it to the top, let death be what stops us, not a lack of imagination or a lack of dedication.

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